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EA Energy Alternatives Ltd (EA) is based in the Bulkley Valley, BC, Canada.
Operating since 1984, we have designed, supplied or installed thousands of alternative energy power systems in Canada and across the world. .

Let our experience benefit your project!

EA is a renewable energy general contractor. We specialize in the design, sale, installation and maintenance of electrical power systems which harness energy primarily from Sunshine, Wind and flowing water (microhydro).

New to Alternative Energy?
Alternative Energy Where do I start?
New to the world of alternative energy? Not sure what you need or want? No problems! We can guide you through the process of selecting the alternative energy system that is best suited to your needs, site and budget.


Energy Store

Packaged Systems

Alternative EnergyEnergy Alternatives carries a wide selection of professionally designed packaged power systems. There are many different systems to choose from depending on your specific requirements. More ...

Containerized Power Systems

Do you have a remote site that relies on generator-only power?

Tired of high fuel costs?

Are you looking for a pre-built, secure, and
transportable power solution for your remote site?

Look no further than EA's containerized Power Systems.

EA News is now off grid. If you are reading this, it is being served from EA's off-grid headquarters.more

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