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Customized 20' power container.

A long-term customer of ours requested a custom installation inside a 20' shipping container. This site was the very first field installation of Xantrex's new XW series inverter. Energy Alternatives has been involved with the development of this new inverter since it's inception.

A standard 20 shipping container was customized with paint, windows, side entrance door, insulated interior and an internal bulkhead to separate batteries from electronics. Container supplied by Cratex Container Sales of Delta, BC.


• 3 x XW 6048 inverters. 18 kW @ 48 VDC
• 180 kWh battery bank
• 45 kW primary diesel generator
• 30 kW secondary diesel generator
• 4 kW PV Array
• 1.8 kW seasonal microhydro
• Full remote monitoring and alerts
• Automatic fail-overs to revert to older 8 kW power system in case of failure

This system was fabricated at our facility in Victoria, BC and delivered via barge to a remote island for final tying in, programming and testing.

Real Time system status Click this link to see the real-time performance of this system.


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