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The IBEW based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada contacted EA in 2005. They were looking for some mobile demonstration systems that they can move around to demonstrate various types of renewable energy systems. EA fabricated three different systems for them. Each system is designed to showcase different technologies that were available at that time for training purposes.

System 1: Modified sine wave with wind.

  • DR1524 dual power panel for 1.5 kW 120/240 power.
  • Bergey Xl.1 24V wind generator with control system.
  • External dump load for bergey
  • Pentametric meter with computer interface for data logging

System 2: Sine wave PV with RV-type Sine-wave inverter

  • Xantrex RS2000 sine wave RV inverter with remote display
  • Unisolar US32 Amorphous PV modules
  • Xantrex C40 controller
  • Sealed AGM batteries
  • Tri-Metric system Monitor

System 3: Grid-tie battery system with Crystalline PV modules

  • Outback GVFX3524 grid-intertie sine wave inverter
  • Outback MX60 MPPT charge controller
  • 2 x 30W 12V PV modules (generic).
  • flooded golf-cart type batteries


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