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EA was contacted by Concept Racing. They were looking for a company who could outfit their custom trailer with solar power, inverter, battery, etc. This is no normal trailer. It's most mechanic's dream. The inside has custom cabinets, drawers. On top of the trailer a pop-out deck, accessible from a staircase inside the trailer, provides for a vantage point to take in the races.

They delivered the trailer to our shop in Victoria, BC and a two-day power install commenced.

System Details:

  • 4 x Sharp 80 W PV modules. 320 watts total
  • Outback VFX2812 inverter with FlexWare 100 mounting system
  • Mark 22 charge controller
  • Mate remote display
  • 4 x 220 Ah sealed AGM batteries
  • 240 step-down transformer to work with existing 240VAC genset
  • Iota external transfer switch

The system was assembled in a small compartment. The small generator was fitted to a roll-out tray for servicing. The Outback gear is neatly tucked away behind the generator.


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