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Solar Pool Heating

Heating pool water in the summer can easily cost as much as heating a house in the winter. Solar pool heat is extremely cost effective when compared to the lifelong escalating costs of heating a pool with fossil fuels. Energy isn’t going to get cheaper over time.

Solar pool heating uses inexpensive and rugged unglazed collectors which are very efficient at moving heat from the sun into your pool water.

Significant greenhouse gas reduction results from this method of pool water heating. Emissions saved equal those produced by operating an average automobile for a year.

How it works
The system is sized for your particular pool and site conditions. An average system includes six or eight 4 x 12 collectors. The collectors are large unglazed mats or panels which are installed on a nearby roof or on the ground. Sensors are placed in the water and on the array of collectors to determine when heat is needed and when it is available.

When heat is needed and available, a motorized valve diverts pool water to the collectors. A large volume of water is warmed by a few degrees by each pass through the array. When the water is warm enough, the valve closes and water returns to the pool.

We have a network of installers that can facilitate professional installation of your system. Many systems can be installed by the handy person with some extra time on their hands.




An Introduction to Solar Pool Heating Systems
Solar collectors capture free energy from the sun and use it to heat your pool. They can extend your swimming season and reduce monthly fuel bills, without depleting non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels.

Residential Solar Pool Heating Systems : A Buyer's Guide

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