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Choosing an Installer

Finding a competent installer is a critical step in a successful renewable energy system.

Canada does not currently have a universal standard for for certification of renewable energy professionals. This leaves the public in a quandary - how do you make sure you hire the right installer for your project?

To become a professional in this field, It's not good enough to read a few books, or attend an evening workshop. Renewable Energy Systems often require the skills of many different trades - electrical, roofer, plumber, mechanic, carpenter, linesman, etc.

Some things to look for when choosing an installer for your project:

• Do they have a business-license?
• Do they have a comprehensive contractor insurance package?
• Are they covered by WCB?
• What suppliers are they affiliated with? Even the best installer can be hindered by a non-responsive supplier, or one that changes it's phone number so often it's impossible to keep track of.
• How long have they been in this industry? Will they be there down the road to help with warranty claims?
• What is their background? Have they been working in a related field previously?
• Do they know what they are talking about? Where did they get their training?
• References. Talk to some previous customers. How happy are they with the services received?

EA Certified Installer.

EA has developed a Certified Installer designation. When you see the EA Certified logo, you can be assured of top-notch competency. This guarantees you that this person has had the proper training and background so that they can professionally guide you through this process.

In order to obtain Certified Installer designation, an installer must demonstrate the following:

• Completion of EA's training program, either through in-class or home-study.
• They an established company, and know how to run a business.
• As a general rule, we do not work with start-ups who have little experience in the field.
• Do they have the required infrastructure - tools, vehicles, to conduct installations in an efficient, safe and professional manner?
• References from past clients are verified to ensure that the quality of the job and after-sale support is top-notch.
• Are they reachable? Do they return phone calls / emails promptly?

EA has our own in-house installation team, who travels the country performing all aspects of installation, maintenance and service. Our service vehicles logged over 90,000 kms in 2007. We also work with a network of companies, our dealer network.


EA's installation Library. A snapshot of some of EA's more recent installations.

Clean-up duty represents around 20% of EA's work. Don't let this happen to you! See the Wall of Shame.

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