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Customize your Primary Power 3 - XW 5.5 kW, 48 V
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Conext XW5548 5.5 kW 48V inverter $ 1
XW - System Control Panel $ 1
$ 1
$ 1
80 amp DC Rated Circuit Breaker $ 2
$ 1
$ 8
20" Battery Cable, 5/16" Lugs, Series $ 7
Plastic enclosure for 4 x L16 batteries $ 2
300W, 18.6% eff Q.Peak-G4.1 PV module $ 6
Roof Mount, 3 x QC300 $ 2
PV module grounding lugs $ 6
6 AWG ground cable, bare copper $ 60
MC4 Cable 30', #10AWG $ 2
$ 1
MNEPV15 15A 150 VDC DIN Rail Breaker $ 2
10 AWG 2 wire TECK cable, UV/Waterproof $ 10
Build, Program and Test System $ 5

Contact us directly if you would like any modifications to this kit. These packaged systems are designed to be starting points with the most common system components included. They are all built to order, programmed and tested in our shop. Our experienced renewable energy installation technicians can help you through the installation.

  • Inverter: 5.5 kW continuous, 8 kW surge capacity
  • Battery Storage: 20 kWh (370 Ah @ 48 V)
  • Solar Array: 1.8 kW (3 x 300W PV Modules)
  • Solar Power (summer peak): 10 kWh/day

Designed for those who will be living off-grid full time, this system provides you with the charging and storage that a modest house off-grid will require.

This system is based around the XW series true sine wave inverter/charger from Schneider Electric (former Xantrex). This is a robust, field-proven inverter that reliably produces very clean power.

With power output warrantied for 25 years, solar modules are an investment you can depend on to produce for a long, long time. We have combined the solar array with a Schneider maximum power point tracking (MPPT) advanced solar charge controller. This will allow you to have your solar array at a higher voltage than your batteries (up to 90V) which allows for smaller wire sizing reducing installation costs. This controller will give you an extra 15-25% more power from your solar array compared to the older-style PWM controllers and is required for use with modern, high voltage PV Modules.

The batteries included in this system are heavy-duty 6V L16-types. These batteries will have a 5-6year lifetime and give a good balance between capacity and economy.

The inverter and most of the electrical components are tied into either the Power Distribution Panel, or Midnite E-Panel enclosure. This makes installation a snap and drastically reduces the amount of wiring needed to bring power to your home.

This system is designed to provide you with all the pieces that you will need to get going with your own renewable energy systems.


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