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Customize your RV Kit #1 - Solar Traveler
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RV mounting hardware kit $ 1
Samlex 85W, 36-cell, 12V PV $ 1
MC4 Cable 50', #10AWG $ 1
Samlex 30A solar controller 12/24V $ 1
Small Blade inline fuse holder - #12AWG $ 2
Small Blade inline fuse $ 2
NYLON INS RING TERM 12-10 5/16S $ 2

A solar system can make an excellent addition to or replacement for a generator allowing you to quietly produce power in a way that is passive, easy and environmentally friendly.

This RV kit comes with your choice of solar modules, allowing you to tailor your power generation to your power needs, budget and travelling goals. We generally recommend an 85-watt panel for people who will be spending 3-4 day trips in the wilds away from any power source (130W panel is an option). This assumes that you are using your power for the evenings and early mornings and that you will be using the system generally for lights and music. This kit comes complete with all the connectors and protection that you'll need for a safe and successful installation.

The solar controller in this system not only acts as a charge controller and stops your batteries from being overcharged, it also includes a LCD display. The display will show you the battery voltage and how many amps are going into the batteries. A great tool for tracking the status of your batteries, showing you when you can go ahead and use lots of power and when you should recharge the batteries.

A solar system makes a huge difference to the life of your batteries, allowing you to effortlessly keep them charged up. Leaving your batteries discharged is one of the worst things you can do to a battery and a solar system makes it easy to avoid this trap.

Very low maintenance, a solar module requires an occasional washing with warm water to keep it producing at its maximum. Output from a solar panel is reduced significantly by any shading on the panel so it is important to make sure that leaves and the like are not allowed to collect on the panel while you are hoping to charge the batteries.

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