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Customize your Shurflo 9300 Solar Direct Pumping System
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Shurflo submersible pump, 24 VDC $ 1
10AWG 2 conductor, Waterproof pump cable $ 30
Shurflo 9300 Controller 24VDC, 150W MAX $ 1
Red Float Switch for CU200 Controller $ 1
Ground Mount, 2 x 85W/130W PV modules $ 1
Samlex 85W, 36-cell, 12V PV $ 2
MC4 Cable 50', #10AWG $ 1

For people who are looking for strictly household water, this system can provide the necessary water at a reasonable price.

The Shurflo 9300 submersible diaphragm pump is used in this system, capable of producing 1.3 GPM with up to 230 feet of lift, perfect for wells with slow recharge rates or circumstances where a lot of water is not required or desired.

The two 85W, 12V solar modules will produce slightly more power than the pump requires. However, having slightly more power producing potential than what's required means that you will be able to pump water earlier in the morning and later in the evening, increasing your water supply.

A solar direct system gives you the great opportunity to avoid the issues that surround owning and caring for batteries, but in general this does demand that you use a reservoir for your water system.

This system is made with standard parts that can be reconfigured to be part of a household system when you are ready to implement a household system.

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