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  Backup Power System 3 - 6kW - 48V    

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List Price(CAD): $7,795.00 per Each
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Item Code: BACKUP-3
Brands: Energy Alternatives
Manufacturers : Energy Alternat
Categories: Backup Power Systems

  • 4 kW continuous, 8 kW surge capacity. 120/240VAC
  • 18 kWh (690 amp hours @ 24 Volt) battery storage capacity

This system will run major appliances through a power outage. The system is capable of producing up to 4,000 Watts of power. Perfect for keeping an air compressor going or powering the necessary lights throughout a building, these systems offer an excellent alternative to a generator.

Backup generators have the dubious reputation of being neglected through the years without major power outages and consequently failing when they are needed.

With a built-in automatic transfer switch you can expect seamless power for loads that you have put on the backup system. No interruption of power means no lost data, downtime or damage to your expensive equipment due to power surges associated with power outages.

This inverter has two AC inputs to charge batteries from two sources (grid and generator).

These systems are custom-designed to supply the power you need. The main component is a Power Panel that consists of inverter, breakers, and safety disconnects. The systems are hardwired into your electrical system, often connected to a sub-panel that contains all the essential loads you wish to operate in the event of a power outage. This inverter will backup 240V loads with no additional equipment.

Maintenance on these systems is exceedingly simple, just a quick check of the battery water levels every six months is all that is required.

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