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Categories: Books and Education

Everyone is talking about "green living" - and for good reasons - high fuel costs, water shortages, illness from poor air quality, and a stressed environment.

Many people think green improvements are either basic and obvious, like compact fluorescent lightbulbs - or complex and costly, like covering the roof with solar panels. In fact, there's a wide range of green opportunities, from a new furnace or solar systems to low-cost measures such as programmable thermostats, a water faucet aerator, extra insulation, and many more.

The author, a green building expert who has appeared on the Discovery Channel's Planet Green Network, outlines what each project involves, what it costs, and the benefits for you and your home.

More than 100 "Go Green" tips -
"no-brainers" that will instantly make your home and lifestyle greener.

Author: Daniel D Chiras

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