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Wind Turbines
Wind Towers

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries
The mainstay of renewable energy systems is the deep cycle battery. "Deep Cycle" is a term used far to often in the wrong situation. Batteries that are sold as marine/RV deep cycle - in the 24 and 27 series are no more than slightly modified starting batteries with a different label. These batteries, as well as any car type starting batteries, including 4D and 8D starting batteries are simply not suitable for alternative energy applications and will yield unsatisfactory performance.

A true deep cycle battery, such as a golf cart of forklift batteries are designed from the ground up for deep cycling applications. This does not mean, however, you should completely discharge the batteries on a regular basis!

Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) Batteries
AGM batteries have similar characteristics of Flooded Lead Acid, except the electrolyte is in a sealed gel state. This means no off-gassing (under normal operating conditions), no need to top up with distilled water, making them virtually maintenance-free. These are a good upgrade for clients who are replacing an older Flooded Lead Acid battery bank & is tired of having to maintain them.
Lithium Ion
Lithium Ion Batteries
Battery Accessories
Don't forget about battery accessories - including safety and maintenance items.

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