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A long-term client of EA was looking for more solar energy so that he did not have to rely on diesel generators during the summer vacation months. This is a site we have worked in in the past numerous times. In 2007, a datalogging system was intalled to keep track of all facets of his energy patterns.

Real Time system status Click this link to see the real-time performance of this system.

This monitoring allowed us to determine the kWh energy deficit that is being provided by the generator, and thus, plan a PV expansion.

Scope of Job Details:

• Upgrade 2 existing pole sites, install three new poles. Small island, barge access only
• Remove existing arrays.
• 60 x Sharp 224 watt PV Modules, 13.4 kW.
• 3 zomeworks UTRF168 trackers, fully marinized
• 2 x fixed pole mount arrays
• Site is rock with a thin layer of soil on top, custom fabricated bases and poles
• extensive cabling, trenching and routing of wires
• Installation of additional charge controllers
• Additions to monitoring system to include new generation


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