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Kevin Pegg, President of EA Energy Alternatives Ltd. has written or contributed to several articles pertaining to renewable energy.

Cottage Magazine

Photovoltaics 101. A basic rundown of photovoltaics (Solar Electric).

The Electrifying Decision: How to choose your cottage's alternative energy supply.

Microhydro How-To. Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your microhydro system.

Battery Power. Love them or hate them, batteries are a reality in most off-grid power systems.

Siting a cottage for Alternative Energy. Water, wind or sun? Before you build, learn the lay of your land and choose the energy source that works best for you.

Generators. Most people have an interesting relationship with their generator. When it's working properly, it's disliked. It's noisy, smelly and needs constant attention, fuel, filters, oil and one of those "thingamajigs" that looks expensive. Then there are the times when it's broken.....

Power Outages. Don't get caught in the dark. How to prepare for a power outage.

Blowing in the Wind. FEATURE ARTICLE. With the right wind site, wind power can be an exciting renewable energy alternative for cottagers.

Energy System Monitoring. Knowing what is going on in your system is essential for best performance, and to spot potential problems and fix before they become larger issues.

On-Grid or Off-Grid, that is the question. How do you decide when to go off-grid, or when to pay to get a utility line extension.

Off-Grid Fridge. What's a summer without cold drinks? This article explains the options available to you.

Below is a collection of useful articles we have collected over the years.

Article: Starting Smart: Calculating Your Energy Appetite.
Every renewable energy system should begin with a load analysis. This analysis is an assessment of your site’s electrical use—your electrical load profile.You’ll need to ponder and juggle a lot of numbers in the process of selecting, sizing, and installing a solar-electric system. A reliable load analysis is essential to get your calculations off on the right foot.


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