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Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Diagnosing what is causing problems is a science and art unto itself. With infinite variabilities out there, it's not possible to have a black and white answer to everything. At it's root, troubleshooting is a orderly process of eliminating variables one by one, until a root cause is obvious.

Homepower magazine is an excellent resource for tips and tricks from the pros. We highly encourage people interested in renewable energy to support this excellent publication by subscribing.

Here are a few articles that may be of interest:

Troubleshooting. An excellent run-down on this topic by one of the veterans of renewable energy.

Digital Multimeters - Must-have tools for solar electric installation, operation and maintenance.

Know your System. The more you know about how your system operates normally, the better you will be able to spot changes and remedy before it becomes a problem.

Battery Blunders. Batteries are the heart of most off-grid power systems. It's in your interest to take care of your batteries


Batteries: Much myth exists around how to operate and maintain batteries. These documents separate fact from fiction and give you the straight goods.

Battery Charging Guide - 2V Global-Yuasa forklift cells
Battery Charging Guide - 6V golf cart batteries
Battery Safety Sheet
Battery service chart - 2V
Battery service chart - 6V

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