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JM, Howe Sound BC, September 2010

The new solar system is installed and working great – it’s supporting 3 carpenters with their chop saws, table saw, planer … and the generator hasn’t had to start yet!

Thanks for a great design!

AR, 70 mile house BC, March 2009

(EA was called in to review an existing system and fix a few problems)

.... By the way, we got that new breaker installed in the inverter without any
hitches, thanks to your excellent instructions. The system is working
beautifully right now. We've really noticed a difference in how much power
we can hold in the batteries and how much less we are running the generator.
We've had several days with no genny at all.

PB, 100 mile house, BC April 2008

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for all your time at the home show. We really appreciated the opportunity to discuss our system issues with you and receive honest information. We were both very impressed with your obvious expertise with these systems and their day to day operation. We will be in touch with you on the addition of battery charging components to our sytem before the fall season.

G&M, Petawawa, Ontario, October 2007

It seems that these days many people are quick to write a letter when they are upset with, or feel they have received poor service. Therefore, I wanted to take a moment and pass on some positive feed back! My wife and I would like to express our thanks to all the people at Energy Alternatives. The service we have received from you, has been nothing but exemplary. We believe many people came together to work on this project, however one person does stick out, and that is Mr. Hiltz Tanner.

We did not know much about alternative energy sources; other then we had no choice but to go in that direction due to the location of our new house. Mr. Tanner ran us through all the in's and out's, the good and the bad, and we think most importantly, the do's and don't of living off grid. We believe Mr. Tanner went well above, and beyond what would be in his normal job description. Not only did he help us design a system, which is second to none, but he taught us so much about how to change our life style to suit off grid living. His knowledge on the products and alternative energies in general, combined with his honesty, professionalism, and true sincerity to see us get the right system, saved us a lot of time and money. We are very satisfied with our system, and believe we will be for many more years to come. We look forward to working with EA in the future, as we intend to expand our system. We can't thank Energy Alternatives enough!

Thank-you so very much, sincerely,
G&M, Petawawa, Ontario.

(Published as a letter from a reader in Cottage Magazine, May / June 2007)

Would you please pass this along to your advertising people. Last year I was wanting to upgrade my fifteen year old Solar System that I had in the Baja. I checked with several local suppliers of solar equipment, and then while reading through your magazine I found the ad for Energy Alternatives. Lucky me. I contacted them over the next few weeks by phone and e-mail. I found the staff to be extremely knowledgeable, and always prompt at getting back to you. I purchased one of their Cottage systems. The following is the chain of events that happened once I had purchased the system.

1. It arrived at my door, on time and exactly as they said it would, with the inverter etc., all mounted on a board.
2. They suggested I take delivery from a local battery supplier, and they also were dropped off in my driveway.

Where they went beyond,normal customer service, I e-mailed them via satellite from the Baja with a question, and they replied immediately. The system is up and running and is doing all they promised. I have found over the years that there is a lot of mis information out there regarding solar energy, batteries and inverters. Not so with these folks. I recommend them to your readers looking at Solar Energy as an alternative.

Phil LeQuesne, Richmond BC

We're so pleased with your service and our system, our friends are now asking about your company. The first one is a well known Designer and home owner in an upscale, waterfront complex. She is a very good person who could influence many others. Hopefully she is as impressed with your service and products as we are.

Best Regards, Ron, Coastal BC.

"Kevin I want to thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything looked so professional & I am so glad to have it done right. I also want to thank you for the extras i.e., generator, power wagon etc., and lastly the best of all that I really appreciate is the follow up, that was absolutely amazing"

S.G., Vancouver Island. BC - March 2006

"We have done 4 houses on the island (I own two of them and the other two are close friends) We started buying equipment and expertise from EA in the early 90’s. We have micro hydro, 8 large panel racks with various types of solar panels, 3 sets of 8000 watt stacked inverters, 1 4000 watt inverter and various types of controllers running voltage from 24 volt to 96.

Kevin runs a first class organization and I personally wouldn’t buy from, or recommend anyone else because they 'do it right'."

• J.Q.C. Vancouver, BC - January 2005

"I am VERY happy with my set up.

You guys are legends here everyone wants to know what you did here. I
wouldn't be surprised they get together and get you back up here soon.

Thanks for the kind words and your help"

• A.M. - Central Coast, British Columbia - December 2004

Just a note to tell you that the DR1524 I purchased from you was installed and works great. It was not such a big job as I thought! I appreciate your help and knowledge. I will be contacting you in the near future to purchase some solar panels. Thanks again.

• R.J. Kamloops, BC - December 2004

"Just wanted to let you know that the system you installed is working great. I know it has been sunny but no matter how much power we use the batteries are back to 100% by noon or 1:00pm the next day.

If you need a referral don't hesitate to have someone call me as I feel the service and product are top rate."

• J.F. Vancouver Island - July 2004

"Thanks for the prompt response (on Sunday even!). I just placed the order online and it was a snap. Looking forward to hooking it up.

Much appreciated"

• M.G. Saltspring Island - 2003

Kevin Pegg and his company "Energy Alternatives" helped with the off-grid power system design and installation. They also delivered all the components, such as the well pump, inverter, solar panels, wind turbine with tower, switch gear and more. Professional, experienced and passionate. A great partner to have for any alternative energy project.

• C.C. Toronto, ON - April 2004

“Weather has been fierce here all day. High winds, rain and now snow. Power is out all over the island...except here. One of my neighbours is a computer programmer and came knocking on my door this morning asking to borrow some electricity so he could work today. He came back through the storm with the end of a 250 foot extension cord which he ran to his computer set up. Nice to know we have enough to share. We are at 81% on the batteries at the moment and the panels seem to be getting through the high winds with no problem. We are so pleased we decided to provide our own power even though the grid is available to us”

• S.L. Saltspring, BC - March 2003

• Ben & Bev, Alberta, May 2003

Customer Testimonials

Energy Alternatives has supplied and installed 1000's of renewable energy systems since our founding in the early 1980's. Systems range in size from tiny systems that operate remote sensing equipment, to a cottage with a simple lights and music system to lodges and commercial power sites.

This page represents a sample of unsolicited feedback we have had from customers

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