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In June of 2008, EA received an email from this client, who runs a research forest and campsite near Vanderhoof, BC. The site has a near-new 20 kW diesel generator which is operated on demand. When the full kitchen is in operation, it needs to run 24x7 for reasons of food safety (refrigeration). Customer also inquired about Internet access and phone options for this remote site, well away from cell phone signal.

As it happened, an EA technician was within 60 minutes of the site when the email came in. We were able to arrange for a site survey to be conducted within a few hours of the email.

We found a site with decent electrical infrastructure and a generator that was not properly installed (ie no exhaust exiting the building it was in - so unit was breathing in it's own exhaust). The typical load on the generator was around 1-2 kW.

This was an obvious site for EA's hybrid containerized power system.

EA was selected to supply the following system:

• Containerized system housing all components
• Dual Xantrex 6048 inverters - 12 kW continuous, 24 kW surge capacity
• UnigyII industrial sealed battery bank - 3000 amp/hours @ 48 VDC (150 kWh)
• Custom Auto-start interface to existing simson-maxwell Kubota diesel generator
• Remote monitoring and control, allowing EA technicians and client to monitor site
• Commercial-grade satellite internet - SkyData service with VoIP
• Entire site blanketed with WiFi through repeaters
• Conduct energy efficiency audit of site and replace appliances as needed

This is the first phase of expansion at the site. With 24 hour electricity and internet access available, it now becomes a much more usable research facility for students of UNBC. As the site evolves (and the price of lumber increases) the client will look to add wind and microhydro generation sources to further reduce the reliance on diesel generator.



Tl'azt'en Nation & the University of Northern BC

For the first time in the history
of this camp, there is 24 hour electricity without having to
run a generator 24x7.

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