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Marcus and Eva Gasper approached Energy Alternatives in 2003 with a very interesting and challenging project: the ultimate eco-friendly, low-impact, low EMF off-grid power system, installed in a rammed earth home.

For more details on this project, have a look at their website. Their DVD is available from EA and features an interview with Kevin Pegg, president of Energy Alternatives.

This home has been featured in Cottage Magazine and numerous other magazines that promote healthy homes.

This system evolved in a few phases. The initial power system was battery/inverter system, with generator-only charging. A DC well pump powered by a couple solar panels kept water flowing for the construction phases.

A couple years later, a wind generator was added to the system. A made-in-china cyclone wind generator was installed. We have now learned our lesson after replacing this unit twice in two years to avoid low-cost Made-in-China equipment. This was replaced (at EA's cost) with a Whisper 2000 generator.

System Details:

  • Home was wired mixed 120 VAC inverter/generator power as well as 24 VDC.
  • All wiring was shielded and routed to minimize EMF exposure.
  • Customer generally operates with the main inverter off, unless running a large appliance.
  • Statpower Prosine 3kW pure sine wave inverter with charger
  • Global Yuasa 1800 Ah 24VDC 2 volt long-life battery bank
  • Kyocera KC120 solar modules on custom adjustable pole mount.
  • Yamaha diesel generator, manually operated
  • Cyclone wind generator with custom controller (failure-prone - being replaced).
  • Sunfrost 24V refrigerator
  • 24 VDC water pumping (domestic and hydronic heating system)


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