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Installation at Salmon Beach

Energy Alternatives is Proud to be the official supplier of Renewable Energy products and services for this innovative, off grid recreational village on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Salmon Beach is an exciting new resort community located on Vancouver Island's desirable West Coast, about 20 miles (33 km) from Ucluelet on the Louden Channel of Barkley Sound.
The secure, gated community boasts spectacular views of the Broken Group Islands and the open Pacific beyond. Here, you can pick your own oysters, z clams and mussels or trap dungeness crab and giant prawns. Use our private boat ramp to set off for some of the best salmon, halibut and cod fishing anywhere. Or access superb sea kayaking through the Broken Group Islands.
Your private ocean view home is just moments away from the community's recreational facilities, the beach and mountain biking trails.

Green Living

The site at Salmon Beach is completely off the grid. There is no connection to city water, sewer, telephone cable and so on. The community is completely self contained. Water, for instance, will be collected from the roof, filtered and used for washing and showers. Drinking water is available from either an on-site spring fed well or through a regular delivery of bottled water.
Liquid waste is reduced tremendously with the use of a composting toilet. A specialized toilet that breaks down human waste into regular compost for your garden. Gray water is fed into a underground storage tank and disposed of at an on-site sewage treatment plant.
Electricity will be provided by a solar-electric, or photovoltaic system. This system captures the sun's energy and stores it in batteries. The battery bank, which can be topped up by a standard generator when needed, converts to regular 110 volt electricity for use by energy efficient lighting fixtures and appliances.
Propane is used for space heating, cooking, hot water heating and refrigeration.

Sidney Island, BC

Customer approached us in Spring of 2003, - temporary mobile home on island to stay in while home is build. Electrical loads include computer with high speed wireless internet connection; lights, propane furnace, refrigeration, water pumping, etc. At our suggestion, he had a shed build that he would use for storage of equipment as well as the solar system. Panels on the roof, power system inside. Details:

PV Array: 4 KC120 solar panels, 480 watts in a 24 Volt configuration.
Batteries: 12x 85T17's 1065 Amp/hours @ 24 VDC
Inverter: Trace DR3624 power panel

Installed cost $12,000

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